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Telemedicine is for Real Patients

Patient Frequently Asked Questions

eClinic technology offers you the flexibility to interact with your physician on your mobile phone with same flexibility that you have experienced in every other aspect of your lives-from shopping on Amazon to calling your family using Skype and FaceTime or ordering an Uber driver from anywhere at any time.
Your physician will send you an invitation to join their virtual practice. Upon accepting the invitation, you will be given access to the portal through a secure login. Once you are logged in, you will be able to view your provider profiles, calendars and available times, request telemedicine appointments, keep track for appointment confirmation.
Telemedicine is emerging as a critical component of the healthcare solution. Telemedicine holds the promise to significantly impact some of the most challenging problems of our current healthcare system: access to care, cost effective delivery, and distribution of limited providers. Telemedicine can change the current paradigm of care and allow for improved access and improved health outcomes in cost effective ways.
Remote patients can more easily obtain clinical services. Patients diagnosed and treated earlier often have improved outcomes and less costly treatments. The national average for re-admission to hospitals within 30 days following a heart failure episode is 20%. Telemedicine monitoring programs have reduced that level to less than 4%. Home monitoring of chronic diseases is reducing hospital visits by as much as 50% by keeping patients stable through daily monitoring.
Telemedicine is transforming the future in providing services not in bricks and mortar but through other access points. There are multiple telemedicine networks connecting large health centers to rural sites for specialty consultations and other services. As a result, patients have access to more specialists, nurses and clinicians in rural areas.
  • Specialists can serve more patients using telemedicine technologies.
  • Nursing shortages can be addressed using telemedicine technologies.
  • Rural clinicians can more easily consult with specialists.
Patients can stay in their local communities and, when hospitalized away from home, can keep in contact with family and friends. eClinic application empowers patients to play an active role in their healthcare, reduce extended travel to obtain necessary care and increases patient’s compliance and adherence.
Employees can avoid absences from work when telemedicine service is available on site or when employees can remotely participate in consultations about family members.

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