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Virtual Healthcare Community

Telemedicine is a 24/7 virtual healthcare community consisting of healthcare providers, patients and care givers. We help with:

  • Partner with you to serve all your Telehealth needs
  • Drastically reduce No-shows and Cancellations
  • Enhance the overall patient and provider experience
  • 24 hour access from any where on any device
Iamge Description

Appointment System

Create your virtual schedule and expand by accepting online patient bookings.

Virtual Waiting Room

Turn on your virtual waiting room from any device, start accepting Patient Walk-Ins.

Video Conferencing

See your patients virtually through our secure video conferencing platform.

Secure Messaging

Healthcare providers and patients can interact through secure messaging.

About Us

What We Do

Telemedicine is a 24/7 Virtual Healthcare community consisting of providers, patients and care givers. The virtual community providers offer the Patients a strong Connectivity bond from a continuity perspective. Patient feels connected to their physician after-hours care at a distance.

Better Access

Increase of connectivity through communication

Better Care

Enhancing the Patients Experience of Care

Better Cost

Reducing the Patients Cost of Healthcare.

Better Health

Improving the General Health of Patients

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eClinic and its Concierge Care solutions strengthen health care practices.

We enable you to provide better, more cost-effective care for those with chronic and remote patients.

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